The Spell-a-thon April 3rd 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Spellathon fundraiser!
Last year we raised more than $12000 with only 10% of the students participating and we are going to try to top that this year!

You can download this information in english or polish.


Children invite family, friends and neighbors to support them by contributing a per-word pledge or flat amount for participating in the Spellathon.

During the week of April 3rd, students are tested in their classrooms. Words are studied and practiced in advance. Prizes are awarded based on the categories listed below.

You can search for your child’s pledge page to receive online donations at

Your Donations Help Fund:

● STEM Lab

● Arts Enrichments

● Classroom Equipment

● Campus Improvements, School Gardens, and Much More!


  • March 8th: Flyers and word lists will go home with students.
  • March 15:  Spellathon Kicks Off! Students launch their fundraising web pages, gather sponsors and donations, and practice words in class and at home.
  • April 3rd: TEST WEEK!
  • April 21: All online and envelope donations due.
  • Mid-May: Winners announced!


  • All participants will receive a Spellathon bracelet
  • The student per grade level who obtains the most sponsors will receive a gift certificate to Greenpoint Toys*
  • The class with the highest percentage of student participants will receive a fun classroom party!

* Tie-breaker: If there is a tie, the prize will go to the individual or class that collected the highest dollar amount.

Thank you for your support!

The PS 34 Spellathon Team


What is a Spellathon?

A Spellathon is a new way for PS 34 to raise funds for the school. Rather than selling candy bars, students are rewarded for studying and learning grade specific spelling words, making it a win-win for both students and the school. The students get donations for spelling words correctly and take pride in raising money for the school. There is a Spellathon website that will make soliciting and collecting donations from distant relatives and friends easier than the traditional envelope option.

Donations help fund: Stem enrichment, arts enrichment, classroom equipment, school improvements and much much more!

What is 99Pledges and why was it selected for the Spellathon Website?

99Pledges is the website vendor that designed and hosts our Spellathon website and handles the online payments, donation processing and goal tracking. 

Why is there an individual goal and can I change it?

Since this is a new fundraiser for PS 34, our overall emphasis this year is participation, and the prizes reflect this focus. Keeping in mind that the Spellathon is a fundraiser, the individual goal simply reflects the average fundraising amount per student that will help us reach our overall school goal (less fees and expenses). Please express to your children that this individual goal is just a guideline and it was automatically calculated for each student. Many parents are customizing the email they send to friends and family to express their child’s personal goal.

Can I customize my child’s participant page?

Unfortunately, the participant pages cannot be customized. However, we recommend that parents work with their children to compose personal emails to friends and family that include links to their personal fundraising web pages and express their personal fundraising goals. A phone call or visit to family and friends, followed by an email, is a great strategy that creates a more personalized approach while still taking advantage of the simplicity of donating via the website.

Are my online payments secure?

Yes, the site is encrypted.  You should be able to see it at the top of the browser.  All traffic gets redirected from “http://“ to “https://“, which essentially encrypts it using SSL (same technology that banks use). Further, you can see lock icons on donation pages.

What are the prizes?


  • All participants will receive a Spellathon bracelet.
  • The student per grade level who obtains the most sponsors* will receive a Greenpoint Toys giftcard.
  • The team (classroom) with the highest percentage of student participants* will receive a special class party!

* Tie-breaker: If there is a tie, the prize will go to the individual or team that collected the highest dollar amount.

What if my child cannot get donations or I cannot afford to donate?

The PTA is very sensitive to the fact that not every family can participate in the Spellathon. We want every child to feel good about raising money for the school, so please contact your teacher if your child is having trouble getting donations. Your teacher will help your child problem solve and will connect him/her with an “angel donor” from the PTO if needed.

How did you select the Spellathon word lists?

The Spellathon team devised word lists this year based on the school’s grade specific standards. The number of words and the words lists were approved by both the Principal and grade level and STEM teachers.

Additional questions? Contact Jane Lea at!

Please download your child’s spelling lists by grade below:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

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