Critical thinking with creative minds.

The PS 34 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supports PS 34 in their effort to awaken curiosity, cultivate high education standards, celebrate successes, and encourage children to continually question and create. The PS 34 PTA’s mission is to foster community by providing opportunities to come together in support of our school as well as fund-raise and gather volunteers for enrichment, community, and educational activities at PS 34. We work closely with the PS 34 Administration to ensure that all of our endorsed or supported events and enrichments are inclusive and uphold the values of our school.


The PTA raises funds to provide in-school enrichment programming for every child at PS 34. These programs supplement the school's rigorous academic schedule with art, music, theater, dance, STEM, and movement.  


Get Involved

The PTA is an organization of parent and teacher volunteers committed to making PS 34 the best school it can be. We would love your help!  Are you good with computers? Do you want to teach yoga? Are you good at writing grants? Are bake sales your thing? Let us know!!


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Please email the PTA if you want to help! If you have specific skills and interests, let us know!


Thanks to generous donations from our school community, the PTA is able to fund most of PS 34’s enrichment programming.

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